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Corporate Meeting

How to get a corporate evangelist for your startup

I want to share a quick note on how we were able to get an internal evangelist for our company in a corporate firm.

If you’ve ever been to classic corporate meeting, you surely know it. Never-ending boring meetings with very weak stick to the point leading. Everybody except the meeting lead is looking at their watch waiting for the meeting to be finally over.

This is a truth for most of the corporate meetings I’ve been to or that I’ve heard of. But this is also an excellent knowledge on how to succeed on your sales meeting with a corporation.

Let’s face it. Nearly everyone is bored from their day to day tasks in the big companies. So when it comes to meeting with an external (your) company, take your chances. Let’s create a really different experience and FUN for the employee(s) on the meeting.

The meeting took 1 hour but we spent only about 15 minutes talking about our own services. We talk about everything from playing game consoles to our porn translation service ( We had fun. And so did the corporate employee. This was the very thing that help us turn the guy to our evangelist in the company.

When it comes to meetings and sales remember – be different. And have fun!